Libraries play an important role in the college experience. In addition to the academic resources they offer, libraries also figure prominently in campus life as venues for study group meetings, random run-ins with friends, and the location for late-night cramming sessions and furious efforts to finish term papers on time.



RO Drinking Water

The entire college campus is facilitated with pure Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water with water coolers in every block to cater to the need of pure and safe drinking water to all. One 5000 litre / day RO systems is also installed in the campus.


College is a very important phase in every body’s life. So for going to college, you can hire a car rental service. Many colleges themselves provide this college cab service and college bus service also, sometimes other organizations or private cab owners offer this service.

Spacious Classrooms

The classrooms or learning centers provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussion. The classrooms are designed as auditoriums with step-up seating to facilitate discussions and to promote maximum interface between the faculty members and the students.

Marker Boards

A whiteboard (also known by the terms marker board, dry-erase board, wipe board, dry-wipe board, and pen-board) is a glossy, usually white surface for nonpermanent markings. Whiteboards are analogous to blackboards, but with a smoother surface allowing rapid marking and erasing of markings on their surface.


Canteens and cafeterias are one of the important parts of student life where you can find most of students chatting and gossiping on different topics. It plays a vital role in removing tensions and refreshing students. The college canteen is fairly new and provides enough and delicious food at affordable rates.